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    Who We Are

    We are a non-partisan grassroots coalition of doctors, parents and disability advocates who came together to protect patients, loved ones, and the public at large from the dangerous effects of COVID-19 disinformation.
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    Our Mission

    Each state has laws and regulations that govern the practice of medicine and specify the responsibilities of the medical board in regulating that practice. These regulations are laid out in a state statute, usually called a medical practice act. Physicians who generate and spread COVID19 disinformation are in clear violation of these laws and must be held accountable.
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    Fighting Disinformation

    Misinformation is something that a person incorrectly but innocently believes to be true. Disinformation is information created and shared with the intent to deceive.

No License for Disinformation

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have seen a deliberate disinformation campaign being perpetuated by doctors regarding the severity of the disease, masks, public health measures, vaccines and more.
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Doctors who have engaged in spreading deadly Covid-19 related disinformation have faced virtually no consequences so far. We’re aiming to change that. No License For Disinformation is a grassroots campaign that aims to ensure that physicians who spread Covid-19 disinformation are held accountable.
Our Mission

Who We Are

  • We are doctors who have experienced the worst of the pandemic.
  • We are parents and family members concerned for the health and safety of our loved ones.
  • We are disability advocates who’s communities have been adversely impacted by disinformation.
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Everyone has the right to an opinion. Doctors, however, are bound by an ethical and legal obligation to do no harm.
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